TRAINING “If you fall in love with the process the results will come." -Eric Thomas ServicesProgramPricingServices SERVICES My coaching services are designed to give simple, practical guidance. I enjoy encouraging clients to connect with their body in a fun, informative environment. My training services are: 1-ON-1 TRAINING is ideal for those looking for personal guidance… Read More

Kettlebell Squat

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Foam Rolling Routine

Foam rolling is a mindful practice that I enjoy doing in the mornings, it helps me prepare for my day. After 15 minutes of rolling out, my body feels much looser. Below are some foam rolling exercises I’ve included in my routine: Tips for foam rolling: 1. Breathe in the face of discomfort. 2. Roll…

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ABOUT My name’s Theo. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, where I currently live and work. Movement is my passion. I grew up constantly looking forward to my next opportunity to play outside. When I began working out, I spent several years trying to accumulate as much knowledge as possible about how…

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